2017 A.G.M

We held our 2017 Annual General Meeting at 2.00 pm on Thursday 24th August at Thomastown & Lalor Elderly Citizens Centre, 2b May Road, Lalor. Visitors for the day were:

  • Andrew Giles. M.P. Federal member for Scullin.
  • Judith Geraghty; Facilitator Positive Ageing Cluster, Team Leader Positive Ageing, Aged and Disability, City of Whittlesea.
  • Paul Kooparman, Community Engagement specialist, Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Social Entrepreneur.
  • Rod Sheehan, Principal of Peter Lalor Vocational College and
  • David Mckay, Vice Principal of Peter Lalor Vocational College.

Mr. Andrew Giles, has been a long-standing ally and spoke of his association with Whittlesea U3A and said it was a great pleasure. He congratulated the committee for their hard work and having the personnel to expand their knowledge within the organisation. He was in agreeance with the Secretary’s report on the growth of Whittlesea U3A on the friendliness and openness that catergorises the organisation and he is proud to be a part of that.

>Ms. Judith Geraghty spoke about social inclusion. There are many mediums that are in place discouraging isolation within the community. There is support to many programmes introducing activities to the people. Her organisation is working with Whittlesea U3A digital technology for the future. Judith also spoke about Senior’s Abuse and that they have a mascot in a form of a purple bear name SAB which was made by our own Freda Delia, the crotchet tutor.

Mr. Rod Sheehan mentioned that it was good for Peter Lalor Vocational College, for Whittlesea U3A members to use their facilities. It will open up opportunities for both students as well as Whittlesea U3A. Previously, students have gone into aged care facilities and found to be beneficial for both parties. Whittlesea U3A is able to expand their classes within the new venue.

Mr. Paul Kooparman; Participation and Engagement Advisor the City of Whittlesea Council, spoke about is role within the community by liaising with the Council and to the Communities. In the Whittlesea shire. He can help present new opportunities for Whittlesea U3A for the next 12 months and beyond. In July 2017, the council endorsed an new policy; it’s going to change the way the council does things that will offer more opportunities, giving the community more influence and say.

Michael Murray showed a video on Walking Football and spoke about Partnerships/Sponsorship for the game. Now that there will be a Walking Football World Cup in October, there is a need to create an awareness. Both genders are invited to participate.

Reports on the activities of Whittlesea U3A for the financial year to 30th June was presented to the meeting followed by the striking of subscriptions and the size of the Committee of Management. All committee positions were declared vacant and were opened to any financial member to be nominated,

Nominations were received for the following positions; President; Vice president; Secretary; Treasurer; and Ordinary Members. The results as follows:

  • President: Glen Wall
  • Vice President: Kathy Lizio
  • Secretary: Peter Rodaughan
  • Treasurer: Margaret Mitten

Ordinary Members – Responsibilities

  • Membership: Kevin Whelan
  • Class Coordinator: Afroditi Toso
  • Partnerships/Support/Sponsorship: Michael Murray
  • Project Development: Joe Felice
  • Social functions/Almoner: Kathy Lizio
  • Administrations: Peter Rodaughan
  • Communications/Website: Lilian Kwiatkowski
  • Assistant to Website: Tita Kolonis
  • Marketing: Aldo Vicentic
  • IT Coordinator: Peter Cleary
  • Assistant to Whittlesea Township: Bev Moore
  • Network Rep: Anne Headfield

Delegated Positions

  • Meg Brown: Peter Lalor admin/venue coordinator
  • Margaret Fyffe: Assistant to Venue Coordinator
  • Lillian Madden, and Ann Carbis: Office volunteers
  • Judy Cleary: Tutors’ liaison & support
  • Development of policies handbook: Natalie Lim
  • Carol Battye, Meg Brown & Natalie Lim: Photographers
  • Dianne Germaine: Assistant to social functions/Christmas/Mid-year
  • Mary Renshaw: Custodian of Professor Bear & Violet

Peter Rodaughan relayed a glowing review from the auditor, Mr. Raj Vytilingam to our treasurer Margaret Mitten.

Quote ‘they were the best books he has ever seen’ Unquote

Well done Margaret.

Tea and coffee; finger food snacks were available after the meeting.