Working for the Community

Working for the community…

Busy Hands Circle

Margaret, our fantastic leader of the Busy Hands Circle group, received a letter of acknowledgement for  the donations of hats and scarves from Robin Curwen-Walker, the Cancer Survivorship Officer at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

This Whittlesea U3A group meets once a week, knitting, sewing and chatting. Meeting at the Salvation Army Hall in Mill Park they would welcome others to join them.  Learning many skills and having the opportunity to use the Whittlesea U3A machines and overlockers, they produce magic.

In their spare time they sew hats and scarves for the Austin Health, Northern Hospital, Warringal, and John Fawkner. This is their latest project following on the success of other social enterprises.

The letter reads…

Dear Margaret,

You recently sent in a donation of handcrafted scarves for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. We wish to thank you for such a kind and generous donation.

Clearly a lot of work and thought has gone into creating these pieces and I’m sure our patients will be grateful, particularly with winter coming up and the cold setting in.

I notice that you have used some very soft delicate fabrics on many of the scarves which is so thoughtful, as you may appreciate, some women experience quite sensitive scalps at this time.

Please pass on our gratitude to the ladies of the Whittlesea U3A.

Their time and energy (and skill) is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely and kind regards, Robin Curwen-Walker

Austin Health.

WU3A working for the community
Scarves and hats for the hospital


All of us at Whittlesea U3A also thank you all for your achievements.

WU3A working for the community
Exhibition of hats and scarves for Oliver Newton John centre