Professor Bear

Professor Bear – Chapter 1

Day 1 – Friday, November 19, 2016 Today’s cooler weather is such a relief after yesterday’s 30 degree heat; far too hot for me in my fur coat. Pam and Richard, who have been looking after me these last few days, have told me I can come on their WU3A Lakes Entrance Trip.  I am […]

Professor Bear – Chapter 2

Day 2 – Friday, November 20, 2016 Saturday and my adventurous journey continues. What a breakfast I am having, this Motel is just the best! Eggs, Bacon, cereal, juice, toast I have eaten the lot and then joined everyone on the coach to go to Omeo.    We are going to Omeo and Allen reminds […]

Professor Bear 2

Lillian’s line dancing class When do all my new friends sleep, it is now Thursday evening and it is time to line dance with Lilian at May Road. More photos and I thought I could just sit back and watch the entertainment. No! Everyone had me up line dancing. I was taught how to do […]

Professor Bear 1

Lunch at the Groove train Today is Thursday and I am being taken out to lunch with Mary to join in Val’s U3A luncheon at the Groove Train. I am to meet new U3A members and as you can probably tell by my superb build, I just love food. The chatter and wonderful food aromas […]