Christmas break ups

 The ladies from the Qigong meditation class went on their end of year outing.

Although the class is small they all get along so well and decided to go to the Tibetan Temple in Mickelham.

When they arrived, they sat in one of the gardens and enjoyed a coffee and some yummy cake.

They then walked around the market stalls and went for a tour of the Temple.

Exploring the temple was exhausting and went in search for somewhere to have lunch.

They found another pleasant area in another garden and enjoyed the serenity around them.

Time for a walk around the stunning gardens and sat by the lake under the shade of the trees and relaxed in the cool breeze.

(Thank you Sue Meers for the article)




Computer level 1 class Mill Park Library  Christmas break up

 Mimma Morabito, Christine Stephens,

Wess Smith, John D’Alessandro,

Kathy Lizio, Marlene Day Faye Roberts,

Fay Ristuccia and Maria Savoca


Computer level 2 class Mill Park Library Christmas  break up

 Heather Vella, Shirley Gibb, Franceska Buljanovic

Marion Gaylard, Diana Hong, Anne Sangwell,

Kathy Lizio Lenore Shepherd, and Charlie Delia


Laptop Windows 10, Computer Class May Road Lalor Christmas Breakup


John Mutton, Norma Campbell, Coral Purcell,

Bernice Guzzardi, Regina Di Pasquali, Kathy Lizio,

Ken Lal, Michael Perri, Jan Flottl, Louise Lowe,

Gloria Mason and Ian MacMillan.


 Break up lunch with the Whittlesea U3A self help card class 








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