Professor Bear at exercise class

Professor’s Journal- Exercising

One of my favourite times of the day is sitting beside Mary whilst she reads her many emails. Today was no exception there was an invitation from Ida, a retired physiotherapist with many years of experience in rehabilitation, who is our U3A exercise tutor and offers supervised exercises that are even suitable for Mary and I.

We gladly accepted! It is on a Wednesday, a great day to go as it will be Ida’s birthday.  

I love birthdays and I am in need of exercise after our fun filled holidays!  

Wednesday, gathering our dumbbells, weights and ball, off we went to the Thomastown library. This is an amazing library, a great place to exercise.

We met this friendly U3A exercise group who come together every Wednesday to keep fit and healthy. They learn to strengthen their core muscles, how to exercise and have the correct posture. Ida teaches by example and exercises to music.  Whilst helping all her students she took time to come and help me to exercise correctly, always telling me to listen to my body.  I even attempted to put my short arms down the side of the chair so that they nearly reached the ends of my stubby legs. I was quite proud of myself and I think Mary was amazed. Ida always gave me the thumbs up.

After class, they usually catch up with news over a cuppa but today was special, it was Ida’s birthday. A great day to celebrate.

After producing a beautiful birthday card, we sang happy birthday and would you believe there was a yummy chocolate birthday cake and candles. Then ice-cream and sorbet, my favourite; Mango.

These will be forever my favourite foods.

Such is Ida’s commitment to keeping us fit and active that she is prepared to travel for four hours twice a week, we are so lucky to have her as our Tutor!

I must tell Bianco and Oliver about Ida and her party and how well I exercised.

A fit and happy Professor signing off. 

Thomastown Library

Professor Bear