Chair aerobics

…….Today we got the new year of exercise class with Margaret Cassidy off to a fun start. First of all, we had a new venue with needing to use Plenty Ranges Convention centre while our usual venue of Epping Memorial Hall is being renovated. The chairs here at the convention centre are much more comfy so they may have trouble getting us to return to the Hall.

I am sure we are providing interesting entertainment for those working in the offices nearby especially when the music we were working out to was ‘We Will Rock You‘ by Queen. There we were, 20 to 30 seniors swinging our dumbbells in tune with the song and singing out loud. Margaret told us how amazing it looked from where she stood looking over the group.

We may be seniors but we can still have fun and a laugh.

Happy 2019 everyone….we are certainly a happy group at Friday afternoon exercise class.