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Professor Bear meets Mr. Whittles
I have had so many exciting days with my U3A friends but today may be the best. Today I am being introduced to Mr Whittles. “Who is Mr Whittles” you ask? Well I am not sure myself! We are meeting at the Whittlesea Library in the township of Whittlesea. This new U3A class, Discussion over Coffee for members in the North, has asked me to attend, so of course I said yes and I am off to Whittlesea. This is my first ride to the Whittlesea town-ship and I was astonished to find it was forty kilometres from the Central Business District of Melbourne. Want to know know more?


Follow the adventures and escapades of

Professor Bear in Geelong in May


Professor Bear


City of Whittlesea
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U3A Network Victoria
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“This year, Whittlesea U3A and Darebin U3A, have decided to run a pilot program and to join forces with some of our classes. As a result, if any Whittlesea U3A members are  interested to participate with a Chess Class,  Darebin U3A would like to offer them a place with their Chess Class. Members can enrol online if you like or you can email me to enrol you.

All details of the class are below:

STARTING DATE:     TUESDAY 24th of April, 2018

VENUE:                       East Preston Senior Citizens

ADDRESS:                  Donald St, East Preston

DAY :                           Every Tuesday

TIME:                          2.00pm – 4.30pm

COST:                          FREE

Please let me know ASAP as I need to inform Darebin U3A Coordinator of how many members will participate with their class”

Afroditi Toso
Program Coordinator
Whittlesea U3A Inc
May Road Campus
2B May Road,
Lalor, Vic, 3075
Office 9464 1339 (Leave a message)
OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday 12.00pm – 4.00pm
                           Thursday 10.00am – 4.00pm
Mobile: 0431 488 346



Follow the link for important information about the PROVISION OF MORNING/AFTERNOON TEA AND SUPPER and COLLECTION OF MONEY

As part of the socialising process, many classes like to provide morning or afternoon tea or supper during their activity. There are two (2) options available to tutors and members. The link below gives you more information about these options.

What we must remember is that whatever the option chosen, the participation of a class member in the ‘snack’, including payment of any money, is optional.

No member can be restricted or excluded from participating in the social activity or class that is provided by Whittlesea U3A Inc. if he/she decides not to pay for morning or afternoon tea or supper.

If money is collected in a class it must be listed, with the reason for the payment, in the class descriptor. This is written by the tutor and revised yearly to ensure that it is up to date.

Money should not be collected on a regular basis without prior arrangement of the Class Coordinator.

Natalie Lim

Secretary Whittlesea U3A Inc.


Easter Monday, 2nd April was our monthly Morning Tea, when we are invited to hear the latest news. Natalie Lim, the

current secretary of the Whittlesea U3A entertained and informed the 88 members present of events. Last month’s quilt raffle raised $166 for the knitting group and Coral Rouke thanked everyone for their generous donations. This also gave her the opportunity to purchase more wool desperately needed which ‘Spotlight’  had a sale on. Also, Natalie spoke about the new facility at Peter Lalor Campus, whereby members can drop in and have a leisurely chat, play cards, read, etc. A library is slowly being established there where members can go anytime and take a book out and return whenever they feel like it. You can also donate books. The room is furnished with comfortable table and chairs; it is available from Monday to Friday 9.30 am. the Community Support team members will be available in the Community Connector area on an appointment basis to assist members’ access information on most Senior’s Support Services. A Time Capsule is being organised with the City of Whittlesea and Whittlesea U3A and other organisations in the area which will include small items relating to our lifestyle of 2018. Small items such as photos, messages etc representing our 2018 lifestyle can be used.

Don’t forget;

Vals’ Lunch at the ‘Groove Train’ on April 12th. 

AUSSIE BUSH COUNTRY DANCE Sunday 24th June 11.30 – 4.00 pm more information on the ‘NEWS’ site

When sending contributions to the newsletter, photos and articles to be sent separately and preferably names attached to the photo.

Thank you, Carol Panozzo, for helping with the morning tea




The president, Glen Wall, got the March morning tea meeting underway with a raffle, which was organised by the Knitters’ Group. The winner of the raffle was Flo Majewski. Congratulations. More information on the Knitters Group and quilt, click here. As the classes have progressed into Peter Lalor Campus, Glen reinforced the office staff, who attended the meeting. Signage has been installed also at the Campus, but other improvements are still ongoing. The kitchen is now functional, the computers have arrived and Telstra communication package is scheduled for activation this month. Phone calls to the office will be answered by the office Support Team when that has been installed and messages will be returned by them at the earliest convenient time. Arrangements have been completed with the school, council, and U3A collaboration partners to complete planning work; toilet facilities and upgrade of the car park. Our speaker today was Gwen Rosengren. Over the years, Gwen has supported thousands across Victoria in managing hearing loss. She has acted as BHA executive officer and team leader for its hearing advisors and participated in many partnership programs. Jodie Lang who has a hearing problem raised the issue with Glen who then contacted Gwen for her assistance. As a former teacher of deaf children and in more recent times Hearing Advisor working with adults with hearing loss, families, and friends, she has a lot of experience and knowledge. For more information click here. 

Labour Day Picnic at Yan Yean Reservoir on 12th March. Film night is on the 23rd March as the 29th March is Good Friday. In the absence of Charlie Delia, Lydia Friedrich sang Happy Birthday to our March birthday members. The next morning tea will be on Easter Monday at 10.00

 Welcome to Whittlesea U3A for 2018.  The formal commencement of Term 1 starts next week.

Course enrolment confirmations were sent a week ago and if you have any Course changes or alterations please contact our friendly office volunteers on 9464 1339.
If you wish you can login to our membership system to check or update your enrolment details.  If you need to be removed from a Course please contact the Office as there may be other members wanting to take your place.
The website has a list of the venues we operate from.  The information includes the location address, parking info and public transport access.  The list can be accessed using the the Venues button on the home page or click here.
We hope you enjoy your U3A involvement this 


 Dear Members, 

Please note – We now have 2 venues for our administration and both will be known as “campus”. (We are a University after all)

Please note our new postal address
Whittlesea U3A
P.O. Box 1157
Lalor 3075

The May Road Campus Office is open on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Office hours for Peter Lalor Campus will be announced soon.

Peter Lalor Campus   May Road Campus
34 Robert Street (opp Ryder Street)
Lalor, Vic, 3075
  2b May Road,
Lalor, Vic, 3075
(Behind the Lalor Library)





In order that we can attend to your requests quickly, please note the correct email address for information and updates send to secretary@whittleseau3a.org.au