Professor Bear

Social 14th July

Lillian Madden and Elaine Bateman had their second Line Dancing social on Sunday 14th July. Professor Bear was one of the Guests. The introduction was from Lillian Madden and the Tap Cats were sensational. High fives all-round the stage at the finish of our routine then we all took a bow and took in all […]

Update for June 3rd Morning Tea

It’s imperative to keep the lines of communication open with all our members, informing them of what is happening. Over the weekend this line seemed to have been broken; members are not checking their emails or going onto the web site. Due to structural damage in Epping Memorial Hall, we had to change the venue […]

Professor Bear comes out of hiding

Hello everyone, have you missed me? Some of you think that I have been AWOL, but that’s not the case. I’ve been hibernating and a little bit longer than usual. Now I’m back. I have to take it slow, so I decided to go back to Trivia night. I forgot how noisy it can get […]

Professor Bear meets ‘Mr Whittles’

Professor Ted’s Journal – July 2017 I have had so many exciting days with my U3A friends but today may be the best. Today I am being introduced to Mr Whittles. “Who is Mr Whittles” you ask? Well I am not sure myself! We are meeting at the Whittlesea Library in the township of Whittlesea. […]

Professor Bear in Geelong

Hello everyone,I know it seems like a long time ago but on Sunday 21st May I went on a train ride. But it wasn’t just a normal train it was a steam train to Geelong. I travelled with some of my Whittlesea U3A friends and together we hopped on the Steam Train at Southern Cross […]

Professor Bear with the choir

Another day in the life of Professor Bear Saturday 25th March 2017 Today my carer, Margaret, took me to the Lalor Library where the Whittlesea U3A singers were performing as part of the Multicultural Festival. I sat and watched as they entertained the audience with a variety of songs from different countries. I was amazed […]

Professor Bear’s Journal continues…..

Wednesday, 7th March Today, I am off to join the Chinese Medicine and Wellbeing Class at Mill Park Library.  I believe I will find the class very interesting, not only from a health point of view, but a personal one as I will explain later. The class is conducted by Minjuan (Alyssa) Quan of the […]

Professor Bear’s Journal

Thursday, 2nd March, 2017 How busy my life has become since I became a member of Whittlesea U3A.  I have met so many friendly people who have made me feel most welcome as well as attending many diverse classes that have been of great interest. This morning, I am back at the Lalor Senior Citizens […]

Professor Bear Share a Meal

Well here I am tonight Share a Meal. I’ve gotten all dressed up and looking good too!. I’m at the head of the table, sitting with fourteen other U3A members, all looking very smart and with great conversations all going on at one time. The table is buzzing! We all shared a little about ourselves, […]

Professor Bear’s Interview

My interview with Don Langdon who is a Whittlesea U3A member of the e-book publishing course Monday at Whittlesea Library. Don: If you went down in woods today would you be in for a big surprise? Prof: No. Why would I go down… Wait a minute this not the way the interview is meant to […]

Professor Bear at Trivia night

Professor Bear’s Continuing Adventures – U3A Trivia Night Thursday 2nd February My continuing adventures with the Whittlesea U3A never ceased to amaze me as I think to myself. Firstly, that fabulous trip to Lakes Entrance back in November. Not to mention the great lunch at the Groove Train and joining in Lilian’s line dancing. I […]

Professor Bear’s first trip of Discover Melbourne Group 2

Hello Everyone On Sunday 19th February I went on my first Discover Melbourne trip with Marion Gaylord. I was so excited that I could hardly wait to see what the day had installed for me and the rest of the group. I woke up really early because we had to be at South Morang train […]

Professor Bear’s journal ‘Discovering Melbourne’ with Mary

My anticipation and expectation about the ferry ride to Port Arlington had finally arrived. We are going on a special trip this Sunday. Mary has been busy getting the tickets ready as well as our numbers and of course the U3A flag which were packed in the backpack. I overheard there are thirty-three U3A members […]

Professor Bear at exercise class

Professor’s Journal- Exercising One of my favourite times of the day is sitting beside Mary whilst she reads her many emails. Today was no exception there was an invitation from Ida, a retired physiotherapist with many years of experience in rehabilitation, who is our U3A exercise tutor and offers supervised exercises that are even suitable […]

Friday, another fun day at U3A

November 11 – Remembrance Day What fun it is being adopted by these active members. Always on the go and today is Friday. Margaret Cassidy’s class ‘The Busy Hands Circle‘ have asked me to join them. These ladies were all being active doing things with their hands. Members were knitting, sewing and even crocheting and […]