Professor Bear with the choir

Another day in the life of Professor Bear

Saturday 25th March 2017

Today my carer, Margaret, took me to the Lalor Library where the Whittlesea U3A singers were performing as part of the Multicultural Festival. I sat and watched as they entertained the audience with a variety of songs from different countries. I was amazed how they had mastered the different languages.

It was great to see the faces of people light up as they recognized songs from their home country. They finished up singing  “What a Wonderful World.” And what a wonderful world it is!

I stayed on for the next act and it as was a beautiful Chinese lady explaining about some of the historical Chinese traditions. She performed a very graceful fan dance and then she asked for audience participation. She showed them some dance movements and how to use the fan. I was pleased to see some Whittlesea U3A ladies have a go.

We stayed on to see the Greenbrook Singers perform as some of them were from Whittlesea U3A as well. They sang in harmony with no musical backing, they tell me that is a Capella.

We had to pack up and make our way to the Living and Learning Centre for more singing. On the way we passed the Whittlesea U3A marquee and said “Hi” to the people who were there to answer questions and distribute leaflets advertising Whittlesea U3A. We got the smell of sausages being cooked on the BBQ by the guys from the “Men’s Shed,” but there was a long queue so we had to keep going.

It was busy at the Living and Learning Centre, kids were lining up for face painting and there was a display of wild life. I steered cleared when I saw someone drape a snake around his neck. We watched a demonstration of Kung Fu and shown how the movements can be used in self defense. Then it was time for singing again and the audience enjoyed the lively singing and some even joined in.

I was so tired when I got home I lay down and had a little nap.