Professor Bear’s first trip of Discover Melbourne Group 2

Hello Everyone

On Sunday 19th February I went on my first Discover Melbourne trip with Marion Gaylord. I was so excited that I could hardly wait to see what the day had installed for me and the rest of the group. I woke up really early because we had to be at South Morang train station by 9.00am and you know how long it takes us bears to get ready in the morning. Not everyone came but I guess they were worried about the weather forecast and the possibility of heavy rain. I didn’t really care myself because someone is always carrying me around keeping me warm and dry.

Our first stop, once we got off at Flinders Street Station, was Melbourne Central and the movies. Some of the group went to see ‘Hidden Figures’ and others ‘Patriot’s Day’. Me, I opted for ‘Hidden Figures’ as I don’t really like too much violence. Great film! You should put it in the must watch list if you haven’t seen it yet.

Lunch followed and there was so much to choose from at the Food Court. I stuck to my simple food as I always do – bears’ diets are very specific. One of the guys found plastic in his food and he had to return it. A bit yukky but at least he didn’t eat it. We left the Food Court and walked towards the massive clock in the main area. Someone waited to make sure I got a real good look at the clock but everything was okay once I landed. Then we walked and walked and walked. Well at least everyone else did I just got someone to carry me otherwise with all that walking I would still be trying to get there.

We all walked up to Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens walking towards the Botanical Gardens and the Conservatory. Being winter there weren’t many flowers out but the Conservatory was really quite beautiful. The trees and bushes outside were majestic looking with all the recent rain and the effect was complete with all the ponds and water features. We even got to take a group photo at a statue of President Kennedy surrounded by lots of rocks to sit on. No one knew it was there because it was hidden away so it was a little surprise.

To finish the day off we went to a café next to Captain Cook’s Cottage where we not only had some warm drinks but also an inspirational quote for us to remember and live by. Our day ended when we caught the South Morang train from Jolimont Station and headed home.

Can’t wait for our discovery trip next month! Thanks Marion we all had a great day.

Professor Bear