Professor Bear’s Interview

My interview with Don Langdon who is a Whittlesea U3A member of the e-book publishing course Monday at Whittlesea Library.

Don: If you went down in woods today would you be in for a big surprise?

Prof: No. Why would I go down… Wait a minute this not the way the interview is meant to go. I’m supposed to be interviewing you and that means I ask the questions.

Don: Really! Who told you that?

Prof: Ah… You’re doing it again.

Don: Don’t you l know?

Prof: Stop mucking about and answer my questions.

Don: Are you going to ask me one?

Prof: You’re hopeless.

Don: That’s not a question. That’s a spurious proclamation.

Prof: Is it?

Don: Yes. Oops, you got one in.

Prof: Why did you write the novel Pre Dot Blue Moon?

Don: Principally for enjoyment and a bit of excitement. I had been thinking about this invention for a long time and I could not get it out of my mind so I had to write it out.

Prof: You used the word invention instead of story. Is there any particular reason for this?

Don: Yes, a story may be about real things or something made up. “Pre Dot Blue Moon” is the latter, it is a total invention. The places and characters do not exist outside of the reader’s imagination. The reader may wish to attach certain aspects to their life, they may indeed find similarities between our world and the book’s planet and that is all part of the fun.

Prof: I’ve read the book…

Don: Really, thank you. Did you like it?

Prof: Very captivating. I found the weaving of the different yarns most fascinating and the impromptu courtroom scene very tense but hilarious at the same time. How did you manage to strike the balance?

Don: When you are writing and you can feel the excitement of the next sentence or paragraph before you write it, that is when you sense the need for a circuit breaker. Comedy and absurdity are two good circuit breakers. This of course tends to drive certain characters bonkers but that is all part of the rich tapestry of life.

Prof: One final question. If you were to set music to it, what sort would it be?

Don: For a cloth-eared chap like me, that is a very difficult question to answer. I could ask my wife, Olga, who is very musical but she hates science fiction. One thing I am sure of is that I would not like it to sound like the Star Wars or Doctor Who theme music but more in line with Red Dwarf and Inspector Morse if there is such a line.

Prof: The mind boggles! Thank you, Don Langdon and your e-book,” Pre Dot Blue Moon”, is available on line at


Don Langdon is the author of Pre Dot Blue Moon, a politically incorrect sci-fi comedy set somewhere in space and time.

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Signing off Professor Bear