Professor Bear in Geelong

Hello everyone,I know it seems like a long time ago but on Sunday 21st May I went on a train ride. But it wasn’t just a normal train it was a steam train to Geelong. I travelled with some of my Whittlesea U3A friends and together we hopped on the Steam Train at Southern Cross Station and travelled to Victoria’s second largest city – Geelong. I had so much fun because not only was the weather fantastic but the group I was with made sure that I got lots of opportunities to have fun.

On the way, there I tried to jump out of the moving train window, I climbed up to the luggage rack and tried to hide but Carol kept pushing me down after taking lots of photos. Oh, and by the way one of the ladies, I won’t say who it is because it is a little embarrassing, thought that the coal in the front carriage was just pretend (plastic) and we were just a normal train powered by something else other than coal. I guess she didn’t see, or smell the smoke! It really did cause a hilarious laugh from all the  girls.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The day continued with lunch at the local food court – had lots to choose from. I didn’t really eat much because they kept giving me snacks all the way there and I only have a little tummy. We went to the wool museum and saw exhibits from way back when I wasn’t even born. Of all the things, I say the best was the carousel which I got to ride on. It dated back to the 1800’s and it was fantastic. Loved it all. On the way back home I was so tired I fell asleep so I can’t really tell you much about that part of the trip except it was relaxing.