Computer Tip 18 Windows 7 Snipping Tool

Windows 7 – Snipping Tool

by Benjamin (Ben) Caruana


The Windows 7 Snipping Tool allows you to capture any part of the visible screen, much like using Print Screen except that you can be more selective in the material actually captured.

To open the Snipping Tool, perform the following steps:

  • Click on clip_image001

· Select clip_image002

· Select clip_image003

· Select clip_image004, and you will then be prompted with the following:


Click on the down-arrow associated with clip_image007 and make sure that the selected option is clip_image008

Then simply click on clip_image009 and then drag the cursor around the area you want to capture, as per the following example: clip_image010 and you will then be prompted with the following:


Then click on the copy icon clip_image013 , go to the place where you want to place the captured material and using the RIGHT mouse key, select the clip_image014 option.