Computer Tip 04 User Guide for Using search engine Google

Using search engines…


User Guide for Using

 by Benjamin J Caruana


 The rules are pretty simple when using any search engine of which  is one of many.  Another familiar search engine is


The objective is to get as much information/material about the subject you are researching, whilst minimizing useless information.


To do this we use the + sign as a precursor to any given word combination, for example ‘Chinese Cooking’.



Get into the internet and select the required search engine.  For this example  we will use as our search engine.  If you do not have     as one of your favourites or home page, the address is as follows:



When prompted with the search panel (as shown below), enter the words relevant to the subject you are researching. 


As stated earlier, for this example we will be using ‘Chinese Cooking’.

NOTE:     If you enter  you will be bombarded with everything in the search engine realm of information containing the word ‘Chinese’ or the word ‘Cooking’.


Therefore to minimize this overload of useless information, use the + sign as follows, to solicit only information which has both ‘Chinese’ and ‘Cooking’ in the information content limiting the information provided to primarily subjects relating solely to ‘Chinese Cooking’.

To get the information simply click on    and off it will go and return with heaps of information from which you are able to choose the information you are after. 


You can also use the other triggers to better tune your search, for example: 

OPTION: 1   

This option has no restrictions and will search the www (World Wide Web) for the subject matter

 OPTION: 2   

This option restricts the search to the subject matter located on Australian sites only.

 Selecting only Australian sites is beneficial when you are looking up subject matter relevant to Australia, for example – Gardening Schedules, Product Availability, etc.

Benjamin J Caruana  Whittlesea U3A Inc.