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DVD RW Recorder Regions and formats


By  Benjamin (Ben) Caruana 






How do I know what region a DVD has been set too?

The Region Code is normally found on the bottom-part of the back cover of the DVD for Australia you should always look for a Region 4 code. 

VHS video format is the same throughout the World.  However, the video standard recorded on the cassette varies from country to country, the two most common video standards being PAL and NTSC.

PAL (Phase Alternation Lines – 625 Lines) and offers more picture detail and wider luminance (colour signal) bandwidth is the video system used in many countries Australia being one of them.

NTSC (National Television Standard Committee which established in the American TV broadcast TV standard as a 525 lines) is the video system used primarily in North America.

NOTE:   Pal is the only acceptable system used in Australia