FREE Money Minded workshop.

The Brotherhood of St. Laurence are organising FREE Money Minded workshop.

“We, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, are pleased to invite you all to attend a FREE Financial Literacy Training workshop – enabling you with the skills to becoming MONEY MINDED!

The workshop will give will help you to build your financial knowledge and skills in areas in:

  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Planning for your Future
  • Your Rights and Responsibilities

Being Money Minded helps you control your money, instead of your money controlling you!

You are welcome to either attend:

Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th August


713 High Street, Epping


Tuesday 6th and 13th of September in Broadmeadows 10am-3pm

1093 Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows


You will learn how to budget your money and start saving more!

Please RSVP by Monday 8th August, 4.00pm for the Epping workshops and Monday 5th September,4.00pm for the Broadmeadows workshops.

Please RSVP to Helen Sartinas – email: and/or phone: 9422 5631″.