Information April First Steam Train in South Morang 55 years

Watching history…..

STEAMRAIL VICTORIA on 6th April 2014

Brings Steam Loco Y112 & Diesel Loco Y164 to South Morang


South Morang Loco Y112
After 55 years Steam Loco Y112 arrives

On a day trip around Melbourne by Vintage Trains the passengers arrived in South Morang at about 2.30 pm. The Steam train featured Steam Loco Y112 and Diesel Loco Y164.

The train departed at Newport at 9.00 am then to Laverton, Flinders Street, head out to Caulfield, reverse direction to Clifton Hill over the Merri Creek and the site of the former Inner Circle railway then headed to Epping and South Morang.

This was the first steam train for about 55 years and many came to welcome this special train to our new station.




South Morang Steam
Steam Loco Y112 and our Met train at South Morang


It was great to see the steam loco and our Met trains on either side of the platform.








After much deliberation the steam Loco Y112 and Diesel Loco Y164 left South Morang for the return journey to Newport Station. Apparently they had a problem with heat on Loco Y112 and were concerned the wheels may not be able to turn. The experts deliberated, fixed the problem and off it went.                                                        

Experts at work Loco Y112
Check Steam Loco Y112