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Advanced Care Planning

Northern Health Advance Care Planning  Advance Care Planning is about planning ahead for your future healthcare, in case you are ever too sick to speak for yourself…





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Advance Care Planning

Is a process of thinking about, talking about and writing down information, in advance, that would help with future health care decisions.  It is a way for the person’s ‘voice’ to be heard and for them to have input into future medical decisions, should they become too unwell to participate directly.


Advance Care Planning may include:

  • Appointment of a substitute decision maker (someone to make decisions on behalf of the person should they later lose the capacity to do so). In Victoria this is the Medical Enduring Power of Attorney.

      and / or

  • A record of the person’s preferences or instructions for future health care. This is intended to operate if that person loses medical decision-making capacity.

For more information or assistance with the advance care planning process, please phone Anne Marie Fabri Northern Health Manager Advanced Care Planning 9495 3235