New Classes

I would like to inform you about some new classes (face to face) which are available for you right now

1) 212TUE23 Indoor Walking Aerobics
TUTOR/LEADER: Christine Teh
VENUE: Riverside Community Activity Centre, 8 Doreen Rogen Way, South Morang.
DAY: Every Tuesday starting this Tuesday coming 9th of March, 2021
TIME: 9.15am to 10.00am

REQUIREMENTS: Comfortable walking shoes and clothing. Water bottle.

DESCRIPTION: Walking aerobics is a cardio activity which makes your heart pump stronger and faster, moving oxygen rich blood more   efficiently to your muscles, organs and tissue throughout your body. Burns calories, improves heart and lung functions. Lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Builds strong muscles and bones, improves brain function, and sharpens mental focus and memory. Improves balance and coordination, improves mood, lowers stress and boosts energy levels and improves sleep.

2) 213WED22 Exercises for Healthy Ageing
   TUTOR/ LEADER: Ida Tipping

VENUE: Thomastown Library Community Room 52 Main Street Thomastown Mel 8 G7
DAY: Every Wednesday. Started on Wednesday 3rd of March, 2021
TIME2.30pm – 15.45pm

REQUIREMENTS: Casual Clothing, dumbbell, ball, Stretching Bands, Hand/Ankle weights (optional).

DESCRIPTION: Based on her experience on rehabilitation Physiotherapist Ida offers supervised exercises that are different and suitable for all levels of fitness in a happy and friendly group atmosphere. Try it one Wednesday at Thomastown library

PLEASE ENROL IN CLASSES or If you need any help please let me know. My details are included below


Afroditi Toso

Program Coordinator

Whittlesea U3A
P.O Box 1157
Lalor, Vic, 3075

Mobile: 0431488346
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