Zoom meeting – 13th July morning tea

The first monthly Morning Tea online by Zoom was attended by 50 members. President, Glen Wall mentioned there are around 40 Zoom and other online courses and activities currently being run.  These include Choir with Ron and Silvana to 9 weekly sessions run by Kathy.  Some of Kathy’s sessions are regular classes whilst others are more social connections.  Ron mentioned the Choir was running 4 sessions a week but will reduce to 2 per week.

We currently have 774 members the same as for June 2019. There are now around 40 classes and activities available for members’ participation from home as this is a significant achievement.  Glen would like to acknowledge the efforts of Kathy Lizio, Peter Cleary, Janice Boswell, Bryan McNally, Jan Marshall, and Ron and Silvana Harvey for their willingness to ‘have a go” at transitioning their classes and activities to ZOOM based classes and Chat session accessible form home. Their success has resulted in their abilities to share their experience with other Tutors.

Merilyn demonstrated some artwork she had created in the Art for Fun group.  A suggestion was made to use online virtual tours of Art Galleries around the world.

Regina outlined how the Country Walkers group was running but strictly abiding by the social distance rules. It is good to note the number of members now familiar with Zoom including some who would never have seen themselves using these systems only a month or so ago.

If anyone has any ideas to run online courses and/or activities please let Afroditi (coordinator@whittleseau3a.org.au) know so it can be registered and others might be interested in joining.

There will be information on the web site regarding how members are coping with isolation. We would like your feedback. Contact Lilian on news@whittlesea.org.au   

‘Isolated Thoughts 2020’ will be the name of the publication and I stress that this is not a political platform. Poems, articles, photos, recipes, and of course your thoughts.

Click here https://whittleseau3a.org.au/isolated-thoughts-2020/

It was agreed the meeting was a success and will be held on the first Monday of the month till further notice.

 The AGM is scheduled for Thursday 24th August at 2 pm.