Activities Outdoors Picnic Day with U3A at Yan Yean

Enjoying the day with friends..

Whittlesea U3A Picnic Day with Pam and Richard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Richard Hall and his invaluable assistant Pam Hall and 40 other members and friends of U3A met at Yan Yean Reservoir Park Yan Yean on Monday March 10th for a fun day picnic.

U3A picnic Margaret

U3A Picnic Margaret won a prize


Picnic at Yan Yean U3A
Irene Dancing U3A Picnic


Food galore and lots of laughter did greet everyone as they came to the Rotunda.The BBQ odours permeated the air and music could be heard.

Not many took on the challenge of line dancing, led by Irene nor did members stop chatting and making new friends to join in a game of cricket as suggested by Richard. However when the lucky number was drawn he had everyone’s attention.                


U3A Picnic Day

Yan Yean Picnic U3A
BBQ at U3A Picnic



A fun day was enjoyed by all thank you Richard & Pam