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Bike riding for fun….

Why is physical activity important…

It is good for the Mind! Reduces stress and anxiety and improve self confidence.

Whittlesea U3A always has a social aspect to physical activities.

Physical activity makes you look and feel better, gives you more energy, helps you sleep better and helps you relax.

At Whittlesea U3A our activities allow you to meet other members and make friends, we make it fun!

Physical activity is good for our bodies and helps to control weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

When you join Whittlesea U3A you have the choice of many outdoor activities, tennis, bike riding, walking short distances or across country, bocce, or you can join our ten pin bowling and golfing group.


Bike Riding U3A

Thursday is our day for the Bike Riding Group.
Our small group usually meets behind Thomastown Library 9.00 for 9.15 start. We usually go along bike paths or quiet roads for variable distances.  (20-35)
If you would like to get your bike out again and try
a shorter distance please contact me – Sue Sams 0437500035


WU3A bike riders
Whittlesea U3A Bike riders

Have you heard of geocaching, well at Whittlesea U3A our bike group have used this equipment.

The prize is of little value but the fun is priceless.

Exploring our surrounding areas by bike paths.

Stopping for coffee and keeping fit.

Whittlesea U3A group say bike riding is the way to go.




Some of the tribulations of bike riding




U3A Bike
Our reward Whittlesea U3A bike riding group