What is this research about?

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People with knee osteoarthritis often consult a physiotherapist for management of their knee problems. Physiotherapy management typically involves the delivery of a structured strengthening exercise program, and advice about how to manage and increase physical activity levels. We wish to evaluate the effectiveness of how physiotherapy is delivered to people with knee osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy may be delivered in any number of ways, including:

  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Consultations in public/private hospital settings
  • Consultations at private practices
  • Consultations at rehabilitation centres
  • Video consultations over the internet
  • Group-based classes
  • Telephone consultations
  • Consultations in community health centres
  • Home-based visits from a physiotherapist
  • Shared consultations with other health professionals
  • Consultations in the workplace

This study is comparing two different methods of delivery of physiotherapy for people with knee osteoarthritis. Volunteers will be randomly allocated to the different treatment groups

 Who can participate?

You can participate in the study if you are aged over 45 years; have had knee pain for 3 months or more; have had pain in your knee on most days for the past month; have difficulty with walking or climbing stairs; have access to the internet; willing and able to travel to physiotherapy locations in an area most convenient to you (if required) and can commit to participating in the study for 9 months.

Summary of information about the project. If you are interested either follow the link on the flyer or contact me at communication@whittleseau3a.org.au

Thank you  
Natalie Lim