Computer Tip 17 Functions of the Windows Button

Windows 7 – Functions Of the Windows Button      clip_image002   clip_image004


by Benjamin (Ben) Caruana


The Windows Button  clip_image005        on your keyboard associated with other keyboard buttons allows you to perform actions quickly and easily.

Following are some of the most useful functions that can be performed using the Windows Button:

clip_image006       &    clip_image008  initiatesthe Windows Magnifier and Increases font size

Once magnifier has been initiated,  clip_image009      &    clip_image011        Decreases font size

clip_image006       &    clip_image013         negates the Windows Magnifier


clip_image014       &    clip_image016       maximises a minimised window

clip_image014       &    clip_image018      minimises a maximised window


clip_image014       &    clip_image020         &    clip_image016       maximizes the height of a minimised window, but retains its current width


clip_image021     &    clip_image023        snaps the minimised window, to the right-hand side of the screen

clip_image021     &    clip_image025       snaps the minimised window, to the left-hand side of the screen

Reversing the action, that is – using the opposite arrow key will minimize the activated screen



clip_image021     &    clip_image027       minimises every open window except for the activated window

Repeating the action, returns all open windows to the screen



Holding down the       clip_image021     button &     clicking the      clip_image029         button, toggles the taskbar icons to shown anyactive windows

clip_image021     &    clip_image031         opens a new Explorer window

clip_image021     &    clip_image032numbers opens the programs pinned to your Task Bar in sequence

clip_image033        &    clip_image035            Displays a Peek of the Desktop