Line Dancing

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Line DancingLine Dancing is very popular. Are you a complete beginner or perhaps you are an experienced line dancer then come along to our Whittlesea U3A line dancing and have fun. This is Whittlesea U3A most popular activity where there is a limit number of fifty line dancers  and you can join in an hour of toe tapping fun. John our volunteer teacher will show you the basics, have fun and keep fit. Other Whittlesea U3A volunteers Pauline and her popular intermediate class and Christine our enthusiastic tutor of line dancing. You do not need a partner just enjoy the music and dance along, don’t be shy, join in the fun. Check our course activity page for times and dates for these enjoyable classes which are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.





Testimony from a member – Line Dancing

I have been a member since January 2013. The classes I attend are the beginners Line Dancing and Intermediate Line Dancing. John Whitelock teaches the beginners class and Pauline Morrow teaches the intermediate. I have been doing Line Dancing for over four years and I must say that Pauline and John are two of the best teachers that I have ever had. They are both always happy to go over and over the steps/dances, constantly showing us how to do them right and always using the correct terminology when calling the steps. It is obvious by the attendance at the classes that we all have a good time. It’s sociable, fun and it keeps us fit. Keep up the good work both of you and thank you for giving up your time to teach us, as we the students all know that these classes are taught on a voluntary basis and Whittlesea U3A members are very fortunate to have you both as teachers. Life begins at 55, I love it thanks guys.


U3A seniors celebrating
Carol and John Line dancing celebration
WU3A line dancing
Whittlesea U3A enjoy the line dancing