Morning Tea – 4th February at 10.00am

The President, Glen Wall opened the February morning tea with gusto, proclaiming a Happy Chinese new year. An earth pig new Year. He described what the characteristics of the pig are for this year, but as we all know that it has its positives and negatives in all areas. We are starting the year with 645 members, similar to the previous year with a number of members who have advised that they will be renewing through the first week of the term. We are offering around 130 activities with an increased number of single session information interest sessions.


This February marks the 10th anniversary of the 2009 bushfires and there are a number of events held in the municipality this month.

If you are in need of support Afroditi Toso class coordinator can assist with any class/course queries and Judy Cleary is available to answer any Tutor questions.

A reminder that Polo shirts can be purchased from the office and Glen acknowledged the work Brenda Gorely had done over the years for selling both the Polo shirts and Chair Aerobics DVD at the morning teas.  Thank You Brenda.

We have had teething problems at Peter Lalor College and are now experiencing a morning tea little more; the signage arriving late, kitchen having plumbing problems and toilet issues, which we hope will be seen to very soon. He thanked Peter Cleary for his excellent effort in project managing the fit out and setting up the operations of the facility.

Mystery auction;- Many of the unclaimed prizes from the Christmas party were auctioned off. Thank you, everyone, for donations.

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Next morning tea will be on the 4th March 2019