February morning tea update

Approximately 53 people attended the first February 2021 zoom morning tea.

In spite of the gloom and doom of 2020, we feel as though we’re coming out of a fog and nothing yet is shifting; if anything, it seems slow. Glen informed us that there are face to face classes available as well as zoom ones at the same time. He introduced speakers, who are in the community support programme;

  1. John Beaney who specialises in the management of diabetes and obesity using diet rather than medications from Mount Eliza and belongs to his local U3A wants us to encourage ‘the men folk’ in joining this organisation. Men do not express themselves enough, do not talk about their feelings or ailments enough. John has a zoom class on Monday evenings as a support group and this will go for 6 weeks. – You can contact John on “Men’s Business” 0438752146 or ozebeanz@gmail.com.
  2. Emmanuel Gauci belongs to the local Maltese group as well as the Whittlesea Community Connections which was established in 1973 by local residents concerned with the lack of services to meet the support needs of the area. It is a not for profit organisation providing services and programs for the people of the City of Whittlesea and surrounding areas. This organisation also depends on volunteers and have approximately 300 staff. They provide Emergency Relief, accommodation and can be contacted via their website http://www.whittleseacc.org.au/ or telephone (03) 9401 6666. ​
  3. Parry Williams also from Whittlesea Community Connections is the Transport Manager who spoke about volunteering for the L-P programme. ​This programme assists disadvantaged learner drivers aged 16 to 23 with no access to a supervising driver or vehicle to gain the 120 hours driving experience required to apply for a probationary licence. The programme is funded by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), managed by the Department of Transport, supported by the Victorian Government and coordinated by Whittlesea Community Connections, supported by local volunteer driver mentors. There are other services available and are too many to name here.
  4. Paul Wilson is the co-founder of Lumin. This service helps remove the barriers in technology of which we are all familiar with today. It is an easy Tablet use for Seniors – it’s more than a phone and is simpler than a Tablet. This is a simplified touch screen device with understandable icons for easy navigation with no clutter. Lumin can also help with medication and other reminders, as well as alerts. It also has an emergency button for your family to help a loved one in distress. For more information please go to mylumin.org. Contact details; 1300336038 or email hello@mylumin.org. The website is mylumin.org
  5. Furthermore as a footnote to Gerry Fay’s comments about the Walking Football and supporting John Beaney’s comment ; – here is an interview with a new member called Sue. The paragraph below is written with her permission. Sue enrolled in 2020 but did not have a chance to attend sessions or classes due to COVID-19. This session today (February 4th) is her first activity. Sue has always been interested in sport and being active. Although she states that she is a slow learner she finds Walking Football good and it gives her a good workout. It is going to be excellent for her wellbeing and for developing of friendships, especially in the current environment. When asked what advice she had for those not sure about walking football she states: ‘Get out of the house and do something to keep yourself active. Think positive about your life!’