Floral Arranging with Diana Hong

flowers for all occasions…



Every week on a Friday afternoon you will find a group of members, with great industry, making beautiful floral arrangements with flowers from gardens, council pruning and other items that Diana suggests to make a wonderful display.

This class is only in term two and three at 1.00pm until 3.00pm at the Salvation Army Hall, corner of Morang Drive and Fred Hollows Way, Mill Park.

You need the following personal materials, fresh flowers, leaves, floral foam, secateurs, scissors, floral tape, wires and containers.


Whittlesea U3A book launch display
U3A Class display floristry by Diana Hong

On Sunday May 25th and again on Wednesday May 28th this floral display, crafted by Diana Hong, was on display to show members of the public what you can achieve at our Floral Arranging class.

Floristry arrangment U3A
U3A Floral arranging class with Diana Hong



Testimony from the class.

  • This floristry class is excellent! Diana is such a good teach.
  • We are all very creative, because of the teaching
  • This is one class I enjoy immensely!
  • Look forward to this class all week
  • In just two classes I have learnt so much from this knowledgeable tutor.
  • Such an enjoyable class. A very cohesive group, I would love it to be ongoing.
  • Love, love, love this class and everyone in it, including our teacher.
  • Most enjoyable class, every week is great getting together with your flowers and friends making our display.
  • Amazing tutor.
Floral arrangment U3A
Floral creation U3A with Diana Hong
Diana flower class
U3A Diana’s students flower arrangment






Floristry class
U3A class with Diana Hong
Flowers by U3A students
U3A floristry with Diana Hong