Friday, another fun day at U3A

November 11 – Remembrance Day

What fun it is being adopted by these active members. Always on the go and today is Friday. Margaret Cassidy’s class The Busy Hands Circle‘ have asked me to join them. These ladies were all being active doing things with their hands. Members were knitting, sewing and even crocheting and I, of course, was on show again the snap, photos kept everyone busy. One photo was taken amongst the lemons which were being shared with the class.

I think they wanted me to smell fresh so they could all hug me.

Today is Remembrance Day, 11th November at 11 o’clock. I proudly wore my Red Poppy. When the clock struck 11.00 o’clock we all respectfully stayed still and stood up for one minute and then the chatter continued.

They definitely have busy hands and I learnt so much from their chatter. I heard I was getting another present, wonder what it is?

Lunch is the next stop at the very busy Plenty Valley shopping centre with Pam, Mary and the crew. These U3A members belong to different classes and meet every Friday at the food court for lunch. More yummy food and then Anne Carbis invited me to go with her and the group for coffee, chat and a relaxing hour together.

They are now fighting over me; what a great time I am having. Margaret Cassidy won and off I went to the chair exercises at Epping Memorial Hall. This sounds like work; maybe I should call out to Anne and go with her.

At Epping Memorial hall many chairs were arranged around the room for the exercise. Members were walking around the hall, stopping and exercising and talking and laughing. I tried to stay on the chair but I wasn’t allowed, so walking I did.

Back to the chairs we went and were asked to pick up our dumb bells. What are dumb bells? I am learning another language. Weights in all different colours and sizes and used to exercise our arms and legs. After pushing them up and down and pretending to row a boat we then had to use rubber bands. I thought rubber bands were for holding things together, no this is another exercise. Whew! I am going to be one fit bear.

I was so good at my exercise that everyone had to copy me and have their photos taken to make sure they were exercising correctly.

So much laughter and smiles I just had to join in.

After the exercise we all packed up the chairs and went home and I was taken by Pam and Richard. I heard something about a bus trip, I cannot wait to find out and let you know.

Professor Bear