Information 2014 Important Message All Medical Alarm Users

Medical Alarm Users information..

Important Message – All Medical Alarm Users UPDATE

EXISTING landline phone and internet services in parts of South Morang area

Will be Switched off starting from 5th October.

More information 1800 687 626

Register your medical alarm well before May 23rd 2014


The Medical Alarm Register is an important government initiative to help support users of medical alarms as the National Broadband Network (NBN) begins to replace the existing phone network.

Disconnection of the existing network* starts in some parts of Willgunda from May 23rd. Any medical alarms in those areas that haven’t been moved to services over the NBN before disconnection, will stop working.

If you, or someone you know uses a medical alarm, it’s important to register it to help identify households where support may be needed to assist in the move to the NBN.

What is the Medical Alarm Register?

It’s an important government initiative to help support users of medical alarms when the existing phone network is replaced by the National Broadband Network (NBN).


Why it’s important to register your alarm

The information on the Register is being collected to help identify households with medical alarms and where support may be needed to assist in the move to the NBN.

To register your medical alarm go to: or call 1800 227 300


*Services not replaced by the NBN include some TransACT, OptiComm, some Telstra Velocity services and others. To see how it impacts you, contact your current phone or internet service provider, contact your alarm provider, or visit or call 1800 687 626. Optus cable Internet Services may be switched off on a different date and existing customers will be advised separately.


About NBN Number of Services Switched off

After an NBN fibre region has been declared “ready for service”, residents will be given 18 months notice that a number of services in their area will be switched off. This includes:

  • Telstra landline phone services (except some Telstra Velocity lines)
  • Landlines phone services from all other phone companies, where the service is provided over Telstra’s copper phone lines
  • All ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ internet services from all providers
  • Telstra BigPond cable internet services
  • Optus cable internet and cable phone services (switch-off date yet to be determined)

The switch-off only affects the above services. If your phone or internet is already provided over fibre, or through a network provided by your building owner, or through a cable network that’s not owned by Telstra or Optus (such as TransACT, OptiComm or others), they will continue operating unless your provider advises otherwise.

If you are not sure how your phone or internet is provided, ask your service provider.