Introducing our Volunteer Leaders Line Dancing with Pauline

U3A Line Dancing
Pauline Line Dancing

Dancing, fitness and fun…

Pauline Morrow

Pauline has been our celebrated volunteer line dancing tutor for eight years.


WU3A Paul Morrow
Our line dancing teacher of eight years Pauline


Whittlesea U3A members have been lucky to have Pauline to teach and guide them through the steps of many old favourites as well as new line dances over the eight years she has been with us.

All who have joined Pauline line dancing class over the years have immensely enjoyed themselves and often wonder how Pauline learns and remembers all the new dances.

Pauline has continually been there for us for eight years.

Dancing keeps Pauline on her toes, learning new dances and teaching them to the members of Whittlesea U3A. and we are sure she enjoys herself as much as we do.

The class has so much fun and there is always plenty of laughter, especially if one of the dancers go the wrong way or are on the wrong foot during a complicated dance, Pauline just smiles and keeps going. Calling the dances with the correct terminology and constantly showing us how to do them right is part of how Pauline teaches us, we are very fortunate to have such an experienced teacher.

Keep dancing Pauline, we oldies need you. Your patience, great music and dances are what helps us keep fit and healthy. Thank you.


U3A linedancing
Pauline’s Linedancing group
Pauline Linedancing
U3A linedancing with Pauline




Line Dancing with Pauline
Line Dancing with Pauline