Margaret Mitten 2015 International Women’s Day award recipient

Whittlesea U3A congratulates Margaret Mitten, Honorary Treasurer Whittlesea U3A on being awarded 2015 International Women’s Day “Make It Happen” recipient.

Margaret was honoured with a City Of Whittlesea 2015 International Women’s Day Award Recipient at a Celebration Lunch held on March 13th 2015 at the Council Buildings in South Morang Victoria. Margaret who has been Treasurer and a member of the Whittlesea U3A Executive Committee for some 5 years was nominated for her dedication to ensuring the financial management of  Whittlesea U3A Inc. is administered in a professional way in accordance with good accounting practice and governance. Margaret contributes a huge number of unpaid volunteer hours each week in carrying out her very important job function.

 Margaret Mitten As indicated by President, Joe Felice, in the award nomination below, Margaret has made a significant contribution to the smooth operation of Whittlesea U3A and the award is well deserved.
Margaret Mitten (centre) with husband Ken (left) and Joe Felice (right)


Hon. Treasurer Margaret Mitten honoured as an Award Nominee at the City Of Whittlesea’s

2015 International Women’s Day Celebration Lunch on–13/3/2015


Margaret’s nomination read-


Margaret Mitten is a hard working Volunteer who has been serving on the Committee of Whittlesea U3A Inc. for many years. She is currently the Honorary Treasurer and a member of The Executive. She puts in a huge number of unpaid Volunteer Hours ensuring the Financial Management of Whittlesea U3A is administered in a professional and honest way in accordance with good accounting practice & governance.


Margaret has been a Committee Member of Whittlesea U3A for some 7 years the last 5 as Honorary Treasurer. With Whittlesea U3A Inc. having 560 Financial Members (Senior Citizens of The City of Whittlesea) and running 55 classes/activities each week and 70 classes/activities each month there is a tremendous amount of Financial Administration involved. She consistently puts in large number of hours each week working on the Financial Business of Whittlesea U3A Inc.


WU3A’s 70 + Classes and activities are run at a number of different venues throughout the City Of Whittlesea these have to be booked and rents paid monthly. We also have to run and finance our administration and our office; we have had to purchase a huge number of assets and tools of trade to use as teaching aids etc. Margaret controls our Inventory, Assets Register and pays all the Bills; she manages our Finances, runs our Cheque Books and generally accounts for our monthly Income & Expenditure.


She has assisted in training other members of WU3A to back her up in case of holidays or sickness and has helped move our accounting onto the Computerised MYOB Accounting Program.


Margaret has to prepare and present a monthly Financial Report to the Committee of Management and do a Full Balance Sheet & Statement of Accounts for the Members attending the AGM. She also has to prepare the WU3A books for the Auditors Annually and answer any queries raised by the Auditor.


Although Margaret has suffered two hip replacements and a broken arm she has always continued to administer the management of the Financial Business of Whittlesea U3A, sometimes from her home whilst she was convalescing after an operation.


I have great pleasure in nominating Margaret Mitten for the

“2015 Whittlesea International Woman’s Day Awards “ !



Joseph P Felice

President –Whittlesea U3A Inc.