Open House Melbourne

Only once a year, not to be missed…


Discover over 100 building in Open House Melbourne.

Open House Melbourne will take place on 25 and 26 July and throughout the month of July.


Over 100 Buildings to visit, discover Melbourne and its buildings. Something for everyone, history, architecture, photography, lectures, transfer of knowledge.

Join in for a month long celebration of architecture, design and the city during Open House Melbourne. With over 100 buildings to visit during the Open House Melbourne weekend. Seasoned Open House veterans and new visitors alike will have something new to discover about our wonderful city.

Open House Melbourne can be viewed as simply an opportunity for people to marvel at unique spaces. Whilst the event certainly provides intrigue and invites curiosity, it is actually remarkably sophisticated and layered with significant passive educational opportunities for people to learn about city-based industries, our history and future, and about the built environment. Open House Melbourne is a unique and free event that assists Melbourne in being positioned as a city of creativity and knowledge.

Open House Melbourne embraces the transfer of knowledge in multiple ways. Firstly our buildings reflect the culture of our time. During the gold rush, buildings manifested in an ornate fashion, whilst in the post war period our buildings utilised minimal materials – you can read in the buildings the desires of our city and its people.

From places of worship to Parliament House, the buildings we open often inform people about their values and principles through the built form.

Another remarkable layer to Open House Melbourne are the tours through the buildings by their users. Through exposure to these spaces, people learn about their city and its culture, the work of others and crucially, the impact of good design.

Good design is a fundamental pillar to a vibrant, prosperous and sustainable city. Our event proudly showcases a range of sustainable buildings and provides the framework for visitors to meet experts who explain how and why sustainable design is integrated into our built environment.

At the very heart of it, Open House is uniquely Melbourne. We are proud to draw our attractions from Melbourne and its built environment. We put a spotlight on the unique spaces and places that form the foundation of Melbourne, providing an opportunity for the public to consider what makes their city special.

There is an Open House Melbourne photography competition.

Focus on Open House Melbourne Photography Competition is your chance to win some fantastic prizes and have your images published and exhibited. All you have to do is snap away at Open House Melbourne sites or on OHM tours over the Open House weekend.

Further information please look at the Open Melbourne Website.