Professor Bear 2

Lillian’s line dancing class

When do all my new friends sleep, it is now Thursday evening and it is time to line dance with Lilian at May Road.

More photos and I thought I could just sit back and watch the entertainment.

No! Everyone had me up line dancing. I was taught how to do the Vine, Geronimo and Slow Dancing.

Then there was another dance which I could not tell whether we had to start the dance line from the left or the right. I will have to get a band to put on my left foot for the next time.

Then, the music stopped and the trolleys were pushed out with yummy food!

My favourite time: Supper. 

More photos were taken with my U3A friends from the other games room.

I must join them next month as this line dancing is exhausting.                                                                                                                                   

Lots of hugs Teddy