Review of Rock ‘N Roll lunch

Close on 200 people spent the afternoon bopping away to some great old rock and roll music. Some really went all out and dressed for the occasion looking just like they had stepped off the ‘Grease’ set. A delicious lunch was provided and there was plenty.  You could go back and have a second plate of the wonderful roast meat and vegetables. Then you had a choice of dessert from Pavlova to fresh fruit salad. All very yummy.

The music was provided by DJ MOBYDISC and it certainly was a good lot of old songs, well old to us anyway. There was a lot of singing going on among those on the dance floor and even those sitting around at the tables. We all knew the songs that were being played. A couple of birthdays were being celebrated so that meant the whole room singing Happy Birthday to Joy Walker who was 70 and John Hunter, 81; I bet they felt like being 18 again. Dianne Germaine and Margaret Mitten and their team should be congratulated on a successful event.

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