Chair Aerobics

light exercise…

Ease your way to better fitness with Whittlesea U3A volunteers Ida and Margaret. Ida’s class is about having fun, learning about,and improving your body function/physiology.  Her exercise classes, weekly on Monday and Wednesday and are suitable for any level of fitness as all exercises can be done in a slower pace or modified according to personal chair exercise classneeds and conditions.  Ida your tutor welcomes members to ask questions and tell about conditions and needs, please arrive some 10 minutes before the starting time of these classes to discuss these issues. Ida loves to find ways to deal with muscle, pain, weight, posture issues. You can dress the way you like, as far as they are loose enough for you to move. We don’t run or jump and all exercises have a purpose and you will always know what are the muscles you are using and why you need them. Then all you need is a ball a pair of weights and some good willing to try it once. Margaret class, exercise to music is where you keep fit to rhythmic music.You use weights, balls, and elastics and have fun. Classes are held weekly at Epping Memorial Hall, commencing Friday February 7th at 1.45pm. Check the calendar and your paperwork for times and Melway Directions. Keeping fit and having fun at Whittlesea U3A is what we are about. Comfortable light clothing and suitable footwear is required.

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