Scams communication kit

Scam, scam scam.

“If in doubt, don’t” That’s the message Consumer Affairs Victoria – the state’s fair-trading regulator – is giving older Victorians when it comes to staying safe online. We value your support and hope that you will help spread the message among your networks and communication channels.

Why older Victorians? Many older Victorians are attractive targets for scammers, because they often own substantial assets and have access to life savings and superannuation. Older Victorians are also the fastest growing online user group in the country.

Our campaign seeks to raise awareness among Victorians aged over 60 about how to spot a scam and stay safe online.

Campaign details  –

Attached is a communications toolkit with social media, an article and a link to a video on our YouTube channel where an older Victorian tells her story of being scammed.

 Copy of (CD-17-184757) — Stakeholders – Scam savvy campaign 2017

The campaign runs from 21 May to 21 July.