Introducing our Tutors William Yeo 2014/001

William Yeo Mandarin Our Mandarin Tutor – William Yeo


MANDARIN  Chinese Language Level 2 Required Basic Mandarin knowledge

MANDARIN Chinese Language Level 1 Basic Mandarin


William Yeo

Weekly Thursday  Mill Park Library Plenty Road Mill Park  Mel 10 C2

The known Chinese culture is about 5000 years old.

The Chinese Mandarin Language is unique and the only one in the world that can be written and be read from left to right or right to left or top to bottom.
This elementary class is learning in Romanised phonic and basic writing and recognizing the Chinese characters. Simple everyday life’s conversation phrases to journey into the rich history of the cultural civilizations.
Tutor William
William Yeo our Mandarin Tutor


William joined Whittlesea U3A and embraced many classes including line dancing and discovering Melbourne by Train. William has been on the committee as advertising manager, added to the Whittlesea U3A quilt and has written a poem about Whittlesea U3A. 
Whittlesea U3A Mandarin 
“We are living in the sunset of our life
Our learning limitations is only that high
Behold come the University of the 3rd Age
To expand our knowledge beyond the sky”
To enrol in William’s class please contact the class co-ordinator Margaret Fyfe