Update for 7th October Morning Tea

When attending the Whittlesea U3A monthly morning meetings, it is requested that you sign into the attendance book and if your birthday is in the existing month, please tick the appropriate column. This enables the organisers a number of things; a) to keep a record of numbers, b) you receive a birthday gift, c) your photo is taken along with other birthday members. Also, the members are numbered and when your number is picked, you win the door prize of the day. Any new members attending are asked to ‘show themselves’. Congratulations

At the sign-in table, anyone can grab a copy of the monthly Newssheet09201908revisedA43. This gives an update on information on bus trips, upcoming social events, classes, and other items.

Glen spoke about celebrations that were held at Federation Square in Melbourne. Whittlesea U3A was represented by Gordon Dennis, Elaine Bateman, Bev Moore and himself. On display which attracted a lot of attention were items from the 3D Origami class and the Commissioner for Senior Victorians, Gerard Mansour, had his photo taken, alongside the Whittlesea U3A crew.

The Whittlesea U3A choir was one of seven who performed at the Edge Theatre. They are in their 9th year of existence and we should be very proud of them.

We were expecting people from the Glaucoma research centre at RMIT, to talk about their study and ask for participants, but they may have had other things to do.

Whittlesea U3A’s

To actively promote positive aging and so enhance the quality and purpose of life for those in their third age.

To operate Whittlesea U3A in ways that social and learning activities are pursued without reference to entry criteria, qualifications, assessment or awards.

Goals and/or objectives
1.         Promote the benefits of learning in later life through self-help learning.
2.         Encourage participation in social and learning activities within U3A.
3.         Facilitate the growth by helping to raise the profile of the U3A movement.
4.         Provide support for management and learning in U3A.

Glen pointed out that our brochure and its’ contents are getting obsolete and asked the members for ideas. These were thrown around the room and eventually, it was suggested if anyone has any concrete ideas, to send them onto Elaine Bateman, the secretary.

Mobile: 0415 191 294
Email: secretary@whittleseau3a.org.au

A reminder that the Christmas Lunch is on the 4th December and all monies are due by the next morning tea, 4th November. If you cannot attend, please pay at the office or online. https://whittleseau3a.org.au/13535-2/

The member for this month’s competition wasn’t available; therefore, a number was picked at random from the attendance book. Congratulations Jodie Lang. Due to November being the last month for morning teas, it has been decided that 3 member’s numbers will be chosen at random; November, December, and January. Check the competition page to see if you’ve won.


Glen also thanked all the volunteers and  those who brought food and snacks and especially Carol and Shirley for their assistance.