AGM 2021 / 2022 Update

On Thursday 19th August 2021, Whittlesea U3A held its 2021/2022 AGM on ZOOM. The annual reports, which included the President’s and Treasurer’s Report, were circulated and placed on the website prior to the meeting. This is a summary of the meeting.

A total of 65 members were present and 17 apologies were received.

The following resolutions were passed during the meeting:

Setting Annual Subscriptions: Recommended by the Committee of Management that: A fee structure to be set for 2022 as follows:

  • Full membership $50.00 year                        Associate member $30 year
  • Full membership $30.00 half year                 Associate member $20 half year
  • Full membership $10.00 last term                Associate member $10 last term

Setting Committee of Management size. Recommended by the Committee that: The Committee of Management for 2021/2022 will consist of 10 members.

Four executive and six general committee members

Special Resolution to amend Rule 44 composition of Committee in the Whittlesea U3A Rules of Association to include the position of Vice-President 2 to enable a leadership succession plan for Whittlesea U3A to be implemented.

A copy of the minutes of the meeting can also be found on the website – click here

The 2020/2021 Committee of Management was dissolved and with the assistance of Beryl Clarke, a former Whittlesea U3A president, the 2021/2022 was announced. Below is a list of the members of the 2021/2022 committee and their roles:




SECRETARY: Elaine Bateman

TREASURER: Peter Rodaughan


Kevin Whelan

Natalie Lim

Michael Murray                    

Yolanda Avery           

Christine Czerny

Contact details for the committee – click here